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Kenya 2019 Innaugural Trip


Kenya 2019 has several goals: in addition to being the first study abroad-humanitarian program for a team of US-based providers to learn about international health care, it will also serve as a platform for all future programs.


Our organization has recruited a world-renown team of experts at the Global Engagement Institute (known for their logistical planning of medical mission work abroad) to coordinate our day-to-day efforts. With Dr. Thomas and Dr. Dawley leading the way of the medical efforts and with GEI coordinating the logistics, we will also support a team of university students from Michigan State University interested in earning educational credit towards their education on international health care.

Dr. Thomas and Dr. Dawley also set out with several goals on behalf of the Neuroscience Foundation for Africa: bring modern neurosurgical techniques, education, training and medical assistance to East Africa. But the first program had to pass a big test in their eyes: it had to be successful, it had to serve a purpose to a community in need, and it had to be sustainable. We had a lot to consider and spent two reconnaissance trips to Kenya in 2018 along with several years of planning to refine it.

We hope you are interested. Below is a tentative list of participants we are looking to recruit and a link to download the itinerary.


Upcoming Dates 


  • Medical provider recruitment: Summer 2019

  • Medical provider applications: Summer 2019

  • Acceptance into program: Late summer 2019

  • Patient recruitment in Kenya: Summer 2019

    • Patient screening in Kibera and KNH

    • Imaging acquisitions (MRI, CT, scoliosis films)

    • Medical discussions between Kenya and USA neurosurgeons

Tentative List of Participants

  • US Team of participants (~30 medical providers, volunteers and students):

    • 4 attending neurosurgeons or orthopedic spine surgeons

    • 6 resident surgeons

    • 1-2 intensivists/anesthesiologists

    • 2 - 4 midlevel providers

    • 3 - 4 specialists in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation or Physical Therapists

    • 4-8 “neuro trained” ICU nurses

    • 2 “neuro/ortho trained” scrub technicians

    • 2 equipment representatives from the medical industry

  • Kenyan Team:

    • Senior consultant neurosurgeons

      • Senior attending

    • Junior consultant neurosurgeons

      • Junior attending​

    • 30 Residents


Planned Logistics

  • 5 operating theaters

    • Room 1 –Brain

    • Room 2 –Spine (major)

    • Room 3 –Spine (minor)

    • Room 4 –Pediatrics

      • Will modify cases each day if needed

      • Cases based on ICU bed availability

    • Room 5 –Casualty (in the ER)

  • Team of nurses, midlevel providers and technicians to rotate 24/7 for care


  • Students to assist in all aspects of patient care

  • Daily teaching rounds and education sessions for students


Click to download itinerary by GEI

Trip Details (tentative, details subject to change)


Saturday – Day 1

  • Morning:  Depart hometown for NYC

  • Noon:  Rendezvous layover at JFK airport in NYC

  • 13:00:  Depart JFK on Kenya Airways (KQ 3)

Sunday – Day 2

  • 10:30am (+1):   Arrive Nairobi, customs, travel to Hotel

  • Afternoon:  Orientation at Kenyatta National Hospital

  • Evening:  Welcome dinner at Dr. Mwang'ombes home in Nairobi


Monday to Friday – Days 3 to 7

  • 05:00  Wake up

  • 05:30  Full provided breakfast with NFA briefing at Hotel

  • 06:00  Transport to KNH

  • 06:30  Joint KNH and NFA daily medical briefing

  • Rounds on days 4 to 7, 10 and 11

    • Discuss daily cases

    • Education

    • Surgical techniques, complication anticipation and avoidance, post op care

    • Radiology conference

    • Clinical Pathological Conference (CPC)


  • Shuttle transportation will be available for personnel between hospital and hotel throughout the day (schedules will vary from type of personnel: i.e. some nurses may be on late night shifts and operations may last until evening depending on the size of the case)

  • Lunch, coffee/tea and snacks will be provided for personnel at the hospital brought in (catered from restaurant/hotel)


Weekend Break

Optional safari weekend (Saturday & Sunday - Days 8 and 9)

Masai Mara National Reserve

    • “The Great Migration”

    • Cultural visit to the Masai villages

    • Tenwek Hospital visit


Week 2

Option to return to USA early available


Monday – Day 10

  • Morning:  Final operative day at KNH

  • Afternoon:  Rest, recoup at hotel, evening checkout

  • 22:55:  Depart Nairobi on Kenya Airways (KQ 2)

Tuesday – Day 11

  • 06:55 (+1):   Arrive JFK airport in NYC

  • Morning:  Return flight to hometown

  • Total time off: 7 work days

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